The “R1” Concept

The “R1” is a design I first sketched out in 1999. The R1 has been designed to fit either an Ariel Atom or our Porsche underpinnings.

The Porsche running gear has a 91″ Wheel base, sports a mid-engine 911 Porsche powerplant, folded stainless frame with 911 Steering rack and braking. Engine output runs 280HP with an estimated weight of 1350LBS.

The Atom platform offers different options for power and performance. Inquire for more info. The body is to be finished in either painted or raw Aluminum with Matte finished accents done to the customers color choice. The design calls for full leather interior with aluminum trim. The “R1” Is available for commissioned build now. Pricing starts at $129,000. Be the first to own the R1.


Runge “Superleicht” Coachwork

In racing there are few guarantees. But one of those few gaurantees is the battle between power and weight. When this battle is properly balanced, the realization of an ethereal machine is accomplished. Utilizing Superleicht or Superleggera coachwork maintains a very robust body structure while minimizing weight.  Runge Karosserie performs our Superlight coachwork as shown here. The tubular aluminum buck is entirely hand shaped and acts as a guide for the final fitment of our aluminum body work.


The HB Special was an SCCA race car built in the 1960’s to run in the SR or “Sports Racing” class. It runs a Ford Cosworth 4 cylinder engine mated to a VW Splitcase Transmission. The HB Special utilizes a VW Front beam and drum brakes.

I was asked to take on the project of giving the HB Special a newly designed shell before the car is shipped to Germany where it will undergo a full restoration of its underpinnings. This project had some challenges in design due to trying to retain the original door placement yet working with the wide track width and short wheelbase of the exisiting racecar, all on a tidy budget. This is how I received the car.

Working through these elements brought out a design that carries a Can Am racer look with some modern exotic feel to it. The design was influenced by the Ford GT40 as well. I am nearly finished with the project and upon completion will post a full photo gallery.

Vintage Speed Porsche meets VW

Over the past few years I’ve had the privilege of rubbing shoulders with Landspeed record setter and fellow Porsche enthusiast Tom Bruch. Tom has been tuning early 2 piece VW motors since the 60’s. Tom and I came up with a plan to build this Vintage Speed motor for my current Frankfurt Flyer series racer. Here you can get a taste of what it sounds like.